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Why buy jewelry from us





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  We have been selling on Shopify for over 3 years.

We have been selling on Ebay for a very long time and have earned a 100% customer satisfaction from Ebay.  We welcome you to see the Testimonials on Ebay and see for yourself the many happy buyers we have served.

We sell mostly Natural Gemstone Jewelry from the Mines. Our Gemstones are of good quality, not perfect. They have minor flaws which makes them affordable. This is why we can sell eye appealing jewelry for hundreds of dollars not thousands of dollars. If you want flawless Gems be prepared to pay from $3000 to $ 50,000 or more. 

Note: the human eye cannot tell the difference between our gemstones and expensive ones.

All items are clearly identified as:


                  Identifications of gemstone Type in our store

    Natural Gemstones From The Mines

               Lab Created Gemstones

Note: that Gemologists accept Lab Created Stones as Gemstones since they  have the same composition as Natural ones from the mines.
                            About Gemstone Treatments


Two big advantages that allows us to sell at low prices

#1 Over the past 12 years we invested a small fortune buying gemstones on the world market with the knowledge that with time the value would increase and it has !  #2 We are a small business with low overhead since we do not have crazy high rents to pay. We only sell online.

Not all our investments turned out great !

We also bought stocks on the stock market and also lost a lot with 2008-2009 market crash. However, our Gemstone Investments saved us.

Now we can sell Natural Gemstone Jewelry at Crazy Low Prices !

However, our stock will not last forever ! Some Gems like Royal Imperial Topaz and Tanzanite are getting low. Take advantage Now !