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Ring Size Selector & Options

   We use same ring size selector that US & Canadian Jewelers use.

When selecting one our rings the black area fits inside ring. If you want a looser fitting ring go to the next size up.  

Note that your finger size may vary since we often add or lose weight. Use a ring you have that you know it fits on our chart.    

      Our sizing Charts are identical to Blue Nile Jewelry & Jared Jewelry. Well                                                   known international Jewelers.   

To verify the ring size we sell please use our charts                     


We have two types of charts so you can use the one you prefer or both.

Our Ring Re-sizing Service 

To resize one ring up or down two sizes: $30 to $40 US in most cases.

Allow an extra 5 working days for shipping when re-sing. Place your order with a note you require our resizing service with size required. We will need your Paypal email wo send you an invoice for the re-sizing.

We otherwise ship the same day order is placed for stock Items.


 Another Option: Landeau Adjustable Rings 

Click Here


Ring Guard Option ( Size Reducers )

 Some people place glue inside the ring to reduce the size or use ring guards:   sold by www.esslinger.com.