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How to avoid Jewelry Scams


How To Avoid Jewelry Scams 

Get value for your dollars. You don't need to be a gem expert to know what is a fraudulent Gem. You just need to use common sense.  Landeau

            With Jewelry the price says a lot about the product !

                             You get what you pay for !Landeau

                 If you don't believe me, you will learn the hard way !

          You cannot sell Natural Gem jewelry for much less than $100

Tired of surfing the web looking for the best deal ?Landeau

Most times the best deal in buying jewelry is a bad deal.  In fact finding honest sellers is a big challenge today. Usually when the price is too good, the product or service is not !   Landeau

              How To Avoid Jewelry Scams 

Follow these 8 Tips and you will avoid 99% of Jewelry Scams Landeau

1-Many jewelry sellers will state Gem jewelry when in fact it is glass. With today's Technology they can make glass very attractive.  

2-When an item is less than $100 it's a red flag and when under $50 it is a guarantee not to be Natural Gemstone. 

3- They play on words - They call man made stones Gems. Technically they are correct Gemologist also call them Gems. But  scammers forget to mention they are man made Gems / Fashion Jewelry. The only valuable man made Gems are Moissanite Diamonds - they sell for $1000 to $5000.

4-Consider this:  

The minimum real gemstone cost is about $60 *most are $80 - $300 US or more.  

The cost of a sterling silver ring setting is $30-$50 US

Also credit card fees & advertising to be added to the cost $15 

5- They use Auctions to deceive you - bid you up with private bidders

When items sell for less than $100 ( more like $30 ) the buyers believes they got a great deal. The scammer laughs all the way to the bank.

6- Avoid Problems with a Solid Guarantee & Resolution Center

7- A website with no identification of country location is usually a fraud

8- I don't like Blacklisting a country because there are some honest sellers however, avoid buying from China / Hong Kong and do yourself a favor.

Low Prices prices suck people in like a vacuum cleaner - beware ! There is a reason for low prices and it is not cheap labour ,it's cheap products.

You will find that 95% of sellers are Frauds and you will rarely get what you think you are ordering. A lesson learned the hard way!

Update New Ways to Scam You        

Scammers now add in their description typical info used for Natural Gems such as Treatment - Clarity. What they do not included is what honest sellers include: Lab created/ Natural, all listings should have this option.If you do not see this in the description,it is a sure indication of a scam.                     

 Example of a seller selling Glass and stating it is Moissanite