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About Our Wine Aerator -Wanted to share this with you – Landeau Jewelry Blog

About Our Wine Aerator -Wanted to share this with you

    Not about jewelry but you may find this interesting. 

 I am devoted wine connaisseur  so I wanted to share with you this little discovery I made. The most difficult wines to aerate are Bordeaux & Burgendy.  This wine weaver also captures any cork particles.


Unlock Your Wine's Potential 
" Best wine aerator & cork strainer I have ever used "                                  
1 Wine Weaver Aerator / Wine that is aerated tasted 10 times better ! ( Wine weaver sells for $ 24.95 on their website )
•  Adjust the spout to your glass size or decanter
•  Super-lightweight design sits safely on fine-rimmed glassware
•  Smooth and natural process reduces the risk of ‘wineshock’
•  Exterior fins offer hands-free stability and increased airflow
•  Filters sediment and cork / works well stopping cork pieces
•  Includes stylish non-drip stand
•  Dishwasher safe/ Only need to rinse it in hot water and it is ready use again. 

Ultimate Wine Aerator by Wine Weaver

Customer Feedback
Great item. Highly recommended Buyer: t***c
  Wine Weaver Aerator

Both stylish and practical, WineWeaver® is the ultimate wine aerator offering a unique wine aeration system that gently maximises a wine’s potential in order to expose and release the full flavour and bouquet of each glass of wine, every time.

WineWeaver® wine aerator’s patented and multi-faceted design allows naturally aerated wine to be served directly into individual wine glasses and decanters.


Wine Aerator - Decanter Old Reliable


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A simple but effective wine aerator that does the job.Spout also makes pouring wine easy with no wine drips.
Wine Aerator With Stand